Ruby Wedding Rings For Men

Men's ruby wedding rings make a great choice, there are some very impressive reasons for this. Ruby referred to as the queen of the gemstone world, it is extremely rare and very durable and absolutely stunning. If you do not see a large number of men wearing a ruby ring to mark the important event, it is because of the high price of ruby rings. You can order a men's gold or 925 silver wedding ring with the design of your choice. 

men's ruby wedding ring
ruby diamond ring for men wedding

You can order a Kaisilver men's ruby wedding ring with the design of your choice, you could choose a design from our website or send us a a design concept of our own. When choosing a design for your ruby wedding ring for men, you should spend a moment to understand the price logistics for the gorgeous red gemstone. 

Rubies are priced per carat and are considered to be some of the most expensive gemstones. The price of a ruby (per carat) increases significantly when, the size of the gemstone moves up. Simply put a 4 carat ruby will be very much more expensive (per carat) then a 1 carat gem. Rubies in larger sizes are harder to find, this allows them to command premium prices. In general we would suggest that ruby rings for men with a gemstone in the 2 to 3 carat size range, are ideally suited. This is where the ring would have an optimized price and ruby gemstone size. 

Each Kaisilver ruby ring is crafted by some of Thailand's finest jewelry artisans. The same quality of gem and workmanship is provided for men's wedding rings in sterling silver and gold. With direct links to almost ever ruby mining operation in the world, we procure rubies right from the mining locations.Extremely skilled gem cutters custom cut each ruby gem that we use. And to ensure that you get a natural ruby gem for your ring and not a man made substitute, we provide a gemstone authentication certificate for ever ruby gem. 

How To Buy: If you are interested in the men's ruby rings shown on this page, click the links shown just below the images. You will see a complete report giving details of the ring, pricing and options. You can always email our support experts at  with your own design ideas or questions, related to gemstones and jewelry. We will be glad to provide information and suggestions even if, you plan to purchase nothing from us.  

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