Men's Sapphire Wedding Rings

Sapphires have become very popular when it comes to wedding and engagement jewelry, this is true of men's wedding rings too. Many modern day style gurus attribute the popularity of sapphire wedding and engagement rings, to the British Royals. The media reports of the high profile affair and engagement between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, the engagement was sealed with a gorgeous sapphire and diamond ring. Decades later, the son of Lady Diana (Prince Williams) gifted his fiancee with a similar diamond and sapphire ring, the jewel had the same gemstone that was once set in the ring worn by his mother. Sapphire has been known for centuries and has been highly sought after ever since then. The point is that the gemstone in a men's sapphire wedding ring has some ancient traditions and beliefs that, make it perfect for the occasion. The gem symbolizes fidelity, true love, honesty and loyalty - these are based on centuries old traditions and had little to do with the British. The MAN135 Sapphire Diamond Ring from Kaisilver, is shown with a 9x7mm oval medium grade blue sapphire gem, surrounding the center gemstone are a row of glittering 2mm round diamonds. Review all details and options for this men's sapphire wedding ring, the high degree of customization that we can accommodate allows you to customize the price of the jewel to fit your budget. 

Before you buy a sapphire wedding ring for men, you should know a few basic facts related to the gemstone. Don't be in a hurry to buy the ring, keep sufficient time to evaluate options and gain some knowledge about the gemstone. We present some essentials related to a men's sapphire wedding ring below, make sure that you understand the information. You can always email our support experts at for any clarifications or additional information that you might require. 

Sapphire Wedding Rings, Essentials:

  • Sapphires have for many centuries symbolized love, honesty and loyalty.
  • Science has proved the existence of a range of sapphire colors, blue is just one of them. 
  • Sapphires are expensive, prices per carat move up sharply as the size of the gemstone increases. 
  • A 2 to 3 carat (9x7mm to 10x8mm) sapphire gem gives a good balance between price and size. 
  • Kaisilver offers white, yellow, green, orange and blue sapphires for men's sapphire wedding rings.
  • We provide medium and good grade sapphire gemstone options for your wedding ring. 
  • A custom made men's wedding ring with sapphire, can include all your preferences.
  • Our gold and sterling silver wedding rings for men are crafted with the same quality standards.  
  • You can specify the design and gems when ordering a custom men's sapphire ring from Kaisilver.
  • Besides looking good and majestic, your sapphire wedding ring should also be tough and long lasting. 
  • Sapphires are hard and durable gems but, the durability of a ring is dependent on other factors too. 
  • Most sapphires are heated to improve color and clarity, other types of treatments need to be studied. 
  • Men's wedding rings with sapphire from Kaisilver use natural, heated sapphire gems. 
  • We can provide lab created sapphires and natural diffused and fissure filled sapphires on request. 

Durability: You will surely wear your men's sapphire gemstone wedding ring for a long time, it is therefore necessary for the jewel to withstand frequent and prolonged wear. Most buyers give a high degree of importance to appearance, you need to evaluate a few more features before deciding which sapphire ring to buy. The rising prices of precious metals coupled with economic hardships in many countries, has encouraged jewelers to develop and sell light weight jewels. At Kaisilver we realize that optimum gold and silver weight lays the foundation for a sturdy ring, we are not swayed by mass market hysteria. Our custom made jewelry generally weighs 40% to 60% more than what, other jewelers would provide for similar jewels. We highly recommend bezel setting for the main gemstone in men's sapphire rings, this setting not only secures the gem firmly but also protects edges from being hit by physical impact. The MAN54 Men's Sapphire Ring is a three stone ring and all the gems can be selected by you. The ring is available in gold and silver with good workmanship, it is shown here with an blue sapphire in the center and rubelite gems on the sides. Notice the good thickness of the metal and also, the way in which all the gemstones have been set. Prong settings are easier to implement and require lower crafting skills but, prongs have a tendency to get caught in pockets and fabrics. This causes them to gradually open up leading to loose gemstones. Most jewelers spend their efforts on incorporating features that are visible and easily noticed by the buyer, durability though very important is not given the importance that it deserves. We on the other hand, give the same attention and importance to looks and long term durability. 

How To Buy: Details for the MAN54 and MAN135 men's sapphire gemstone rings, are available in the link provided wih the above paragraphs. We can also custom make your sapphire wedding ring for men with a design concept provided by you. You can also review a few more ideas in the Men's Rings Section, any of rings shown there can be ordered in gold or 925 silver with sapphire as the main gem. Our support experts at will be glad to provide information and advice on any issue related to gems and jewelry.